Bio: Can you imagine being stuck outside of the US, unable to come home? Twelve years ago, Ann went on a vacation to Medjugorie, Bosnia Herzegovina which, after encountering the Community Cenacolo and deciding to 'try it out', ended up bringing her to Italy. She did not return home from that vacation but, after a few weeks alone in Medjugorie, got into a van with a bunch of Italian friends of the community (who didn't speak a word of English) and traveled about 16 hours to start to 'encounter' the community experience that had attracted her so. She had decided with her mother on who to call and try to explain her choice, how to sell her brand new Black Ford ZX2 ('tear') and how to pack up or give away everything else she owned in her 2 story town house in Largo, Florida, which she loved and had been renting from a friend in AA. Ann had entered AA only 18 months earlier and, although she loved her new life after the college trip run wild of her younger years, something was missing. The community kids seemed to have that something... and, as her sponsor had always advised her, "you must stick with people who have what you want". Her plan was to to remain 3-6 months. A series of events (including the sudden death of her mother) changed Ann's life forever and, after some time, she found herself actually stuck in Europe. She left the community in 2003 and got married (to an Italian man she met there) in 2004. They had their daughter, Emily, in October 2007. Ann went to school (in Italian) and has been doing Home Health Care (in Italian) for the last 6 years. She has always bravely made the best of her situation and created a life for herself in Italy, but one thing has remained with her all this time: her longing to come home to America. ... and that's that not even the beginning of the story.

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